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The Value of “IQ” in GraphicIQ



In addition to specific services related to branding and design, we also work with our clients in a consultative role. Based on competitive research and data analysis, we help clients reach constructive decisions across key aspects of branding and marketing strategies. Working collaboratively with business owners, in-house PR and marketing staff, we develop strategies that reliably target, attract and motivate consumers, business partners, investors and employees. Our consulting engagements typically focus on the following:


• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

• Strategy development for marketing, branding, advertising

• Corporate and product naming

• Market research, including online surveys, qualitative interviews

• Editorial and content creation strategies


Through our partnership with Lev Janashvili, we help clients design and execute customized public relations, investor relations and content creation strategies. Lev brings to our client engagements nearly 20 years of experience in managing global communication strategies for corporate and non-profit clients.