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Lymphedema Alliance of New York (LAONY)


Lymphedema Alliance of New York is a Midtown Manhattan office dedicated to the treatment and prevention of lymphedema. LAONY’s group of experienced therapists devote their full attention to finding the best possible solutions for patients dealing with very challenging conditions. LAONY also works as an information hub for anyone looking to understand more about the prevention and treatment of lymphedema.


LAONY – Queens, NY





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GraphicIQ has created a simple well structured and easy to navigate corporate website for LAONY. The website is a vast database for patients and care takers alike, to view and understand the steps of lymphedema management and treatment. The website provides a thorough understanding of this challenging condition, with pages of information and numerous galleries.

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GraphicIQ has designed an informational brochure educating patients on the treatment and management of lymphedema. For wider promotion, GraphicIQ designed both a conventional and virtual versions of the brochure to allow physicians and patients to view and download information remotely.

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The LAONY Physicians Card is used as an easy way to further promote the center's services and methods of recovery. The card is designed to give Physicians access to LAONY specific case studies and galleries. It encourages Oncologists and other practitioners to refer patients for post-oporative treatment to LAONY.

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Lymphedema Alliance of New York is rapidly growing their reputation of excellence in treatment, prevention, and maintenance of this challenging condition.

Using marketing strategies to further expand the awareness of lympheda and provide helpful information for patients, care takers, and relatives dealing with lympheda. Through these efforts LAONY achieves greater online visibility and is able to provide information to a wide spectrum of physicians and patients.