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J-APP is the most comprehensive FREE mobile application that gives users an immediate access to thousands of audio and video lectures by Rabbis and Educators worldwide. It's easy to download and easy to stream. All audio files, video files, and text files are ready to use on your mobile device. Follow the speakers of your choice and the most relevant topics. Receive news and alerts when new content is posted by the speaker.


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Web Design

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J-APP website is a simple information/sign up page, where Orthodox Rabbis from communities worldwide can register and upload their audio, video and text content.


Both the sign up form and the information on the site will guide Rabbis and educators with limited computer experience to effortlessly  complete the process and upload their content.

Tools Used


J-APP's front end is structured with simplicity, providing user with a clear navigation to the desired content. Menu buttons allow users to save, share, and follow their favorite Rabbi/speaker.


Tools Used


GraphicIQ created promotional cards to be disseminated in the key locations. Study halls, schools and colleges are just a few of those targeted distribution venues.  This marketing effort resulted in sizable increase in app downloads and created a positive interest amongst Jewish students.


Cards carry a QR Code to help download and retain company info and link new users directly to the app store for a fast download.



Tools Used


Social media has been the cornerstone of the J-APP project. Users can organically share J-APP's content through Facebook and Twitter.


Publicity on social sites has been largely through continuous postings of lectures and articles. These materials are accompanied by a green J-APP icon which serves as a recognizable symbol and makes the link highly visible to an on-line crowd.


J-APP brand is rapidly gaining reputation as a mobile app for new generation of Jewish youth who want Torah lectures to fit their busy schedule. Mobile app is a new dynamic way to reach thousands of followers. In just few month, dozens of Rabbis and educators have joined J-APP, and users downloaded and listened to thousands of lectures.