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Target audiences vary widely in terms psycho-graphic and socio-graphic characteristics, information needs, stylistic preferences, reading habits and media consumption patterns. Audience sentiments and behavioral predispositions also change overtime in response to events, market trends and other influences. With this understanding in mind, we approach brand expression through graphic design with painstaking thoughtfulness. Specifically:


ONE-STOP SHOP FOR ALL OUR CLIENTS’ DESIGN NEEDS1. Focus on desired outcomes: “Call to Action”. Every fact sheet, brochure, business card or exhibit booth has a purpose, a desired behavioral response from the target audience. This desired outcome serves as an organizing principle for every aesthetic, stylistic and grammatical choice in the creation of collateral materials.


2. Aesthetics matter. Graphic design unfolds through a series of expert judgments applied to colors, shapes, textures, layouts and textual characteristics. These are not merely “cosmetic” choices. On the contrary, they deeply affect the audience’s perceptions of the brand. GraphicIQ sets itself apart competitively by combining tech savvy with experience in fine arts, calligraphy and social sciences.


3. Media Optimization. The design of a piece of collateral must be tailored to the specific medium or media through which it will reach the target audience. Whether we design a communication tool for print, digital or multi-media formats, we are consistently mindful of technical and logistical considerations that will likely affect results. For paper-printed materials, for example, we are fanatically attentive to ink and paper quality to ensure a faithful rendition of colors and the overall “look and feel” of the brand’s visual vocabulary. For digital materials, we always consider optimization for search, sharing and meta-tagging.


GraphicIQ has the expertise and experience to serve as a one-stop shop for all our clients’ branding needs, including editorial and writing services.